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Hey candle lovers! Keiana here, the lady behind 0820 Candle Co. I'm a single mom who woke up one morning with a dream and a plan to start my own candle home and body brand. I've had an love affair with everything from candles, home decor, and skin and body care for years. I was the crazy lady going from store to store...aisle to aisle looking for and smelling different scents to keep my home smelling good, my skin feeling good, and my interior looking good. When the 2020 pandemic hit I prayed on it and decided to step out on faith and start my very own mid-luxury candle line. I got back into studying essential oils and how to take my future customers on a fragrance journey. Once I begun making candles and creating new and custom scents I fell in love with the art of candle making, I found my new passion and a place of inner peace. After testing my creations out with different family and friends and hearing how much they loved them I decided to take my candle journey on the road with the thought of adding on my body line and home essentials soon after. In the upcoming years my plan is to take people on an amazing fragrance journey and bring happiness into their lives by filling their homes with love, beautiful scents, peace, amazing home decor pieces, and extremely soft skin. The name 0820 came about when I decided to put my love for two things together... my children who were born in 2008 and 2020 and my love for creating. I look forward to coming into each and every home, office, car and any other space that we can make smell amaing.

Thank you for choosing 0820... Welcome to our family!


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